Pearly Penile Papules (aka hirsuties papillaris genitalis or Hirsuties coronae glandis) are small white coloured skin tags or domes that form around the penis gland. They appear in rows around the rim of the penis head and may also appear on either side of the frenulum…[continue reading - What is PPP?]




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Treatment that works…

CO2 laser treatment is the only effective method of removal for pearly penile papules. Any website that says otherwise is providing false information. It is as simple as that. CO2 laser treatment has the medical case studies and documented case studies, like my own and that of other members, to support its effectiveness. Purported cures using toothpaste, tea tree oil, calamine lotion, castor oil and any other topical treatment are just false hopes. Please read my pages on Home Remedies and Treatments.



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  • Testimonials

    "Thank you for calming me down. I honestly thought I had some kind of disease. But before freaking out and going to see my doctor I googled it and found this website. I have nothing to worry about."
    Mateo, California, USA

    "Dennis you have no idea(maybe you do!)how incredibly useful and helpful your site is... This site has given me all the info i need. Since i signed up i have plucked up the courage to go and get something done about it. It is nice not to feel alone."
    Bam Bam, NZ

    "It feels so surreal that i'm writing this post to say that I'm finally papule free. Dennis, thanks for your help! without this site I may not have found the courage to go through with the procedure."
    Colinp, Canada

    "I would like to thank Dennis for providing us with vital information and the creation of this community. I figure this site would be more of the same information explaining to us to live with the condition etc etc but seeing how in depth he (Dennis) went into putting this project together such as taking daily pictures of recovery , before and after and EVEN making a video blew my mind away. Thank you Dennis, DTBS [forum contributor] and every other member on here that has contribute or even took the first step by signing up."
    Newstyle, USA

    "Just discovered your website. What a great resource!"
    Roberto, USA

  • Disclaimer

    The content of is based on my own personal experience. I have put the site together in the spirit of sharing my experience and helping others with pearly penile papules. The site contains extensive pictures of my own pearly penile papules and pictures of my recovery from the treatment. For this reason I ask you to respect the content and use the information in the spirit in which it is provided. Read full terms and conditions

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